A Ideal Children’s Care Organisation

Particulars :

Name : A Ideal Children’s Care Organisation 

Contact Person : Gopal Swamy

Contact Details :

Tel : 91-092137 38317

Email : aiccosuggestion@gmail.com

Website : http://www.aicco.multiply.com

Add: A Ideal Children’s Care OrganisationE-617, Anand Niwas, New Delhi -110034 [codepeople-post-map]

City : Delhi

State : Delhi

Sector/ Key Issues :


Operational Area-States :


Operational Area-District :

New Delhi

Details of Achievements :

To provide the education to the poor and needy children’s for this A Ideal Children’s Care Organisation (AICCO) will construct a institute where these children can get education without any fee. Secondly A Ideal Children’s Care Organisation (AICCO)want to work for women empowerment, development. We are concern to provide employment opportunity.

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